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Monday, November 12, 2012

Field Trips, part 3

It's an old riddle in our family...   Which  is farther- to Seattle, or by bus?

The answer is always a resounding   BY BUS!!!!  because to travel by Greyhound always took longer than driving by yourself, riding your bike, or walking the distance to Seattle or Bellingham or wherever it was you were trying to go.

Seriously.  The thing stopped at every little town on I-5.  And in the days I was going back and forth to college, it was probably cheaper just to put gas in the car and go!

Except I didn't always have a car at WWU.  So, I rode the bus.  Had to make sure I had a Walkman with good headphones, a book, and a blanket so I could stay warm and not have to talk to any of the other passengers.   (Don't judge- you wouldn't want to talk to them either.)

But- it's a new era.  A time of innovation and interesting ideas.  A time where gas prices might keep us from going to Seattle for the day.  A time of...

The BOLT BUS!!!!

The Bolt Bus doesn't stop at every little town along the way.  It goes from Portland to Seattle with NO STOPS at all, it has leather seats that recline, free WiFi, electrical outlets, and... drum roll please...  cost us $36 to get there and back.  That's right ladies and gentlemen, $36.  To go north my ticket was $16 and hers was $1, and to come back home mine was $18 and hers $1.  

To drive would have cost us over $60 in gas and more for parking.  It was the most relaxing trip I have ever taken!  I really hate driving, especially in cities, so this was perfect.  We took our Nooks, and we read and chatted and napped all the way up.   When we got there, we walked a few blocks to the monorail, zipped over to the Space Needle, and had a great day exploring Seattle Center.  

The ride home was equally relaxing.  I highly recommend the Bolt Bus. 

More pics of Seattle Center in the next post.


  1. Well, thanks, but I think the jury is still out on that one...

  2. No jury out for me - you are a GREAT mom!!!!!