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Saturday, May 28, 2011

If you fill it, they will come...

Now that I have trees in my backyard, I can hang bird feeders.
But, as everyone around here knows, birds are not the only critters attracted by seed... there's always the squirrels. That's right. After living here almost 10 years and not seeing one bushy-tailed tree-rat, we had an intrepid visitor 3 weeks ago.

One lone squirrel... curious... hungry.

No match for The Lord High Protector of the Manor. We opened the sliding door and Friday was out like a shot. That poor squirrel had no idea what he had gotten himself into. He practically tripped over himself in his attempt to get to the fence. Then, dashing along the top, he kept going till he was not only far out of reach of Super-Schnoodle, but far, far out of reach of any sort of threat from our yard.

It was hilarious- Abby and I couldn't stop laughing. (And to think that some people get special feeders and traps and such. All you really need is a dog!)

Our red-wing blackbirds, towhees, sparrows, and chickadees are happy now. They don't have to share their seed with a cheeky squirrel. I'll get a photo of them one of these days- it's been too chilly to sit and wait with camera in hand.

Summer is coming, summer is coming...


  1. I send Avery out after our squirrels. They're so naughty! Although I must admit it's kind of entertaining to see them hanging upside-down BY THEIR TOES to steal food. They're quite resourceful.

  2. Sounds like Miss Avery is a good match for the squirrels- she is quite resourceful, too! :->

  3. Yes, summer is here, already! I love your post about that naughty squirrel and your lovely birds!