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Monday, August 9, 2010

Raisins have potassium

Bananas have potassium. Prunes have potassium. Raisins have even more potassium. They also have iron, which is a good thing because I need more iron. Normal iron saturation is 20% to 50%. Mine is 8%. For those of you non-math types, that's LOW.

That could explain why I've been so dead-dog tired for the last few years and why my brain is fuzzy. It also explains why all my hobbies are sittin' down hobbies... scrapbooking, reading, crafting, HGTV, sewing, card making- all involve a great deal of sitting, which doesn't really wear me out.

Yeah, I'm on iron supplements. I'm also finding ways to incorporate more iron-rich foods into my daily life. The red meat is easy... the raisins are pretty easy... the spinach? Not so much.

Gotta go pump some iron. Catch you later. (But only if you're S L O W ...)

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