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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Mary, did you know?

Not THAT Mary...
my best friend from high school in Texas, Mary D.

Mary, did you know that I thought about you last week?  I went to the movies and flashed back to 1977 when you were 16 and had your driver's license and I was only 15 and riding shotgun...

We went to the movies then.  We decided to go to that sci-fi flick that everyone was talking about.  We weren't especially into sci-fi, but it sounded interesting.  There weren't any big-name Hollywood types in it, but it sounded interesting.

When it was over, we just looked at each other- dumbstruck.  WHAT WAS THAT?

Me- that was amazing.
You- yeah.
Me- there was no swearing!
You- there was no sex!
Together- THE GOOD GUYS WON!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then we went to K-Mart and bought Star Wars T-shirts and called each other C-3PO and R2-D2 for a few months.  And somehow, I managed to see it 4 more times in the theater that year.

Ah, youth.

Last week brought it all back.  Only, I wasn't 15 but I went with a 15 year-old.  And our reactions were very similar to the ones from 1977.  And we can't wait for episode 8.  :->

Mary in Texas, I should probably look you up on facebook, but I don't have a fb account.  I hope you and your family are doing well and that you have equally good memories of our high school times!

May the Force Be With You.


  1. Love this! I was two . . . but I do remember going to the theater to watch Return of the Jedi. We had to coax Johnny awake (it was the 2nd film in a double feature) with a popsicle. It worked.

    1. Johnny fell asleep at the movies? How very uncharacteristic of him! ;-)

    2. Haha! "I think I missed the end . . . ."

  2. Hi!!! Just stopping by to wish you and your family a very happy new year - filled with many blessings! Thanks for your visit to my blog, too! HUGS!!