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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Done with taxes that is.  Not done with plugged ears.  And now kiddo is all congested.  Good thing that didn't happen during Willy Wonka!

She got to play Grandma Josephina in the play.  You know- the Bucket family is so poor that they only have one bed and all four grandparents spend all their time in the bed- sipping cabbage soup and trying to stay warm.  Josephina is the wife of Grandpa Joe, the one who gets to visit Willy Wonka's factory with Charlie.

And since they needed more Oompa Loompas (from Loompaland), she also played an orange Oompa.

The theater group makes button photos for parents to purchase.  Here are her two:

It was a great time- I didn't do props for this one, I got to do publicity and box office which worked out very well.

We aren't doing a spring play, but we are both tempted to try out for their summer theater which will be Mary Poppins.  Adults get to be in the summer theater.  I always wanted to be Julie Andrews...

Now if we could just get done with this congestion...


  1. Umm . . . I might need to fight you for the role of Mary Poppins . . . .
    Grandma Josephina was HILARIOUS. She had us in stitches! Nice work.

    1. Ok, you play Mary Poppins and I'll play the bird lady.