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Saturday, September 20, 2014

I love fall

Yesterday was Talk Like a Pirate Day.
Tomorrow is the first day of fall.
Monday is National Ice Cream Cone Day (According to Sonic).

Will the fun never cease?

UPDATE:  Sorry- one of my calendars said that the 21st was the first day of fall, but another one (and all the radio news people) said it was the 22nd.  (So, that takes some of the fun out of Sunday... but not all of it.)


  1. I love all three of these momentous days!!!! Anne and I will have to celebrate National Ice Cream Cone Day tomorrow!

    1. You go girl!
      I celebrated by taking cones to yet-another-soul-sucking staff meeting. Made it a tad easier on all of us.
      I can't wait for the rain and cooler weather. Oh, wait! It's raining now!!!! YES!!!

  2. Undoubtedly no if we were all so easily satisfied!

    1. Ah, Dayna, my friend who prefers springtime and daylight... How are you? Has it snowed there yet?