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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Beacon Rock

Beacon Rock is a 848 ft tall monolith that sits on the north side of the Columbia River and watches over it.
We climbed it on Saturday with some friends.  Not technical rock climbing, mind you, but we hiked up the trail that has been created so that people who don't rock climb can get a view of the gorge.  And when I say up, I mean UP.
See for yourself:

Can you say "switchbacks"?

It was close to a beautiful evening, almost 90 degrees with a nice wind from the east.  In the photos, you can barely see the haze in the air from the nearby wildfires.  I would prefer about 70 degrees and cleaner air, but that is about to get here now that fall is upon us and the rains have finally arrived.  I hope the rains put an end to the wildfires soon.

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  1. Oh my goodness! These photos are beautiful and impressive! Do you have any kind of fear of height? I would have done it, but been scared while doing so!!!!! Thanks for sharing these amazing photos!