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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


After Mercy Corps Artivism Camp on Friday, we walked around Portland and went to some favorite places like Powell's, Little Big Burger, Pioneer Courthouse Square, and Waterfront Park.

My plan was to spend the early evening in Portland to avoid the freeways and bridges until the crush was over, but we ended up coming home early because somebody (not me) didn't like the plan and just wanted to get home.  She's so good at being 13...

I give you P-town in all her natural glory...

There are bridges... 

The Morrison Bridge in the raised position.
There are water features...

There are statues, street performers and street people...

This is not a street performer, it is a statue.
This is not a statue, it is a street performer.
And another performer.

Hey guys!  Everyone get your brass instruments and your bedsheets and join us downtown!
And make sure you arrive by bike!
I gave this guy money because he was working hard for a living.  It takes forever to learn to play the pipes!
Portland does have homeless shelters but there are many who prefer the public parks.
It's easier to start panhandling the moment you wake up.
There's a Chinatown...

...and a humongous bookstore.

There's a great place to eat called "Little Big Burger".  Share a bag of fries with someone you love!

There's a place called "Voodoo Donuts" that always has a line out the door.  It's not that their pastries are so good, it's that their way of doing things is a little twisted and Portlanders like things that are twisted.

There's a grocery store in a trolley, a futuristic looking public toilet, firetrucks, and lots and lots of bikes.  

The green zone is for bikes.  If there is a bike there, your car should not be there.  Your car is not a bike.
Your car is evil because it is not a bike.  Bikes are not evil. You should get a bike.
I think you get the idea.

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  1. Wonderful vacation photos! I love every single one of them! Your beautiful daughter is growing up so quickly. I bet she is good at being 13! Anne is very good at being 11 right now and I am looking forward to the teenage years! I love your daughter's haircut, too!!!!