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Monday, September 10, 2012

THE TRIP- leaving PEI

Our last day on PEI.  My friend and I snuck out in the morning and visited the graves of L.M. Montgomery, her mother, and her grandparents.  

Then the cars got packed and we hit the road for the drive to the Confederation bridge.  It was overcast and rainy, but we still got some good shots of the landscape (and some churches) of the island.
L.M. Montgomery grave.
Maud's Mother (left) and Grandparents (right).
Canola fields
Rolling hills
The bridge.  Look at that sign.  It is free to cross onto the island, but it costs $43.25 to cross back to the mainland.
I call PEI the "Hotel California" of islands, because you can check out any time you want, but you can never leave. (unless you have a credit card!!!)
The Confederation Bridge.

Bye bye, PEI!   Someday, I will return.  And, I might not bring enough money to ever leave...


  1. WOW! Awesome photos, my friend! And that is quite an expensive trip back to the mainland, too! I want to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your wonderful comments. I would love to see the photos you took of the chapel that day you visited!

  2. Sure thing, Sharon! I will scan them or take pictures of them because, alas, no one in my group had a digital camera back in 2001...! Times have changed haven't they?

  3. And next time I'll join you with my little Pixies! ;)

  4. Julianna, that would be so fun! Start saving your pennies!