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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Teacher Appreciation

It's Teacher Appreciation season.  I got some nice treats from the PTA last week- some chocolate, a massage, breakfast... 

This week kiddo is getting gifts together for her teachers.  I made some cookies for their luncheon, and then had to think of something useful and inexpensive to give her regular teacher, her math teacher, and her substitute who is finishing the year for the regular teacher who just had a baby.  I didn't want her to give the usual "mug with candy in it".  Every teacher has too many mugs and no one really NEEDS more candy, so for her regular teacher,  I went with colorful whiteboard markers.  Many schools provide teachers with markers, but not all can afford them, so teachers often purchase them themselves.  I know I love getting new markers.

But wrapping up a package of markers from the store just didn't seem very festive.  The caps of the markers look like flowers to me, so I went with that. I bought a flower pot, got some clear glass stones from my craft room and some colorful cardstock from my stash, and went to work cutting out circles and stars.  I punched holes in the middle and slip them over the uncapped pens and then pushed the caps back on tight.  I put two pens together for the flower stems- you can barely see the caps of the bottom pens above the glass stones.  I also added a few colorful gel pens to the flower arrangement- teachers cannot have enough colorful pens.

Here's a few shots of the finished product:

The flash was on- I didn't really want it on, but then I thought the effect was kind of cool so I included it.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all you teachers out there!  (And that includes my mother who probably would have been a homeschool mom if anyone had heard of that way back then...)

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