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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Practice makes perfect

We just got back from a 45 minute ride. It was wonderful. The sun is out, the temp is about 45 F, and there's very little wind.
Kiddo and I are getting pretty good at coordinating our riding. Tandems have been known to break relationships, so as the captain, I am being extra careful to communicate to my stoker about everything I am doing. It's weird because riding is second nature to me. I rarely even think about shifting gears, I just do it. I don't consciously plan to have the pedal up on the side I am turning to, I just do it. Riding with someone else requires me to call out the gear shifting, the bumps in the road, the placement of the pedals, etc. It isn't difficult, just odd. I'm very blessed to have a great stoker- she's very forgiving when I forget to tell her the little things.
This coordination, cooperation, and communication is good for us. We are both learning to give and take (and pedal like crazy if the light turns yellow!).

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