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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Two kinds of PERFECT

I love fall. I love the start of school, the smell of new books, the look of changing leaves, the feel of the down comforter on the bed... ahhhhhh.
The thing I like most is the change in the weather. I love cooler days and downright cold nights.
In my opinion there are two kinds of PERFECT fall days here in the PNW.

The first kind of perfect usually occurs in October. The day starts a little foggy, but then the sun burns off the fog and shines brightly on the yellow, orange and red leaves. Set against a bright blue sky, the trees seem to glow from within. The sky is not your ordinary blue- it's deeper, more intense, almost closer than the sky in the summer. The blue assaults your retinas- contrasted with some of the oranges and yellows, it's almost painful. I love that.

The second kind of perfect fall day is pretty much the opposite of the first. Lowering gray skies, wind picking up, big drops of rain kind of perfect. These happen more often in November. I prefer this kind of perfect on a Saturday when I don't have to leave the house. This is the kind of day when it's ok to stay in your jammies or lounge pants, read a good book by the fire, and sip tea till the storm passes. And if it takes awhile for the storm to pass, then you can change it up by snuggling with your favorite daughter on the couch while watching a movie and munching popcorn. Yeah. I love that, too.

We came close to the first kind of perfect this week. Maybe next week we'll get the second kind of perfect. I've got my eye on the weather channel...

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