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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bike update

Well, we've been out on the bike almost every day this past week! The two exceptions were days when it was pouring out.

We did have one small mishap. The turning radius is huge on this thing, and I tried to turn too sharp while pedaling too slowly. Since it is a recumbent, we didn't have too far to fall so we just got up, dusted ourselves off, and rode home. Here's our conversation on the way:
Me- Well, we survived our first wreck pretty well!
Kiddo- FIRST? You mean there's going to be MORE?

She still likes it, and asks to go riding every day. It has been fun teaching her about gears and brakes and how to watch out for broken glass, road kill, or storm drain grates along the bike lanes. I'm getting more used to how a recumbent balances, but I don't know if I am completely sold on the style just yet.

It's predicted to be sunny for the next few days- perfect for more practicing!

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