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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Frozen yogurt... brings to mind places like TCBY (And I'm not sure that is in business anymore!).
Never fear frozen yogurt lovers, there's a new place in town, and it is sure to please your palate and your desire to be choosey.

It's called YO2GO and it's on Hwy 99 in Salmon Creek up by Burgerville and Panda Express.
The Abstraktor and I went there today after church and we had a great time.

You walk in, get a cup, and then dispense the amount of each flavor that you want into your cup. I chose a little bit each of Hershey's Kiss Chocolate, Heath Bar Toffee, and Sweet Coconut. Abby chose Hershey's Kiss Chocolate and Strawberry/Banana. There's 12 different yogurt flavors from which to choose- that's bound to make the whole family happy! Plus- what kid doesn't like to pull down a handle and watch cool smooth flavor spiral into his or her bowl?

Then, you go to the topping bar. It starts with nuts and crunchy things and moves on to fruit and crumbled candy bars. After those toppings, you can layer on hot fudge, hot caramel, strawberry syrup, marshmallow creme, or a host of other goopy sweet things.

You then weigh your purchase and pay $.40 for each ounce. So, you can take exactly what you want to eat and not pay for something you don't like or a serving size that is too large.

The yogurt was smooth and creamy, and the flavors tasted just right- not like they came out of a bottle of flavoring.

There's inside seating and outside seating- perfect for a warm summer day that we might just get around here... in August!

If you live around here, you should try this place. Next time I go, I'll take pictures so you can see our culinary creations!


  1. These weigh-your-own yogurt places are the DisneyLand of all yogurt nooks! I've discovered that yogurt is to Los Angeles what Starbucks is to Seattle, and so I was very disappointed several years back during a visit home to discover that TCBY was the only yogurt place in Vancouver. What fun to have a weigh-station of your own!

  2. Sarah- next time you are in town, call me! We'll go get yogurt- my treat!