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Monday, December 20, 2010

Is this...?

Is this the little girl I carried...
...home from China in January 2002?

She looks so good in red. Believe it or not, the dress in the top photo was purchased at Spanky's Consignment Store! She picked it out especially for the Christmas program at school. She was thrilled to have such a grown-up, fancy dress. (And I was thrilled to find something so nice on the cheap!)

I can't believe we have been together almost 9 years.

Merry Christmas, kiddo!


  1. Oh wow, she's such a beautiful girl growing into a lady blessed with a wonderful mom! God has certainly been faithful and is glorified through you!

  2. "Wasn't it yesterday when they were small?" She does look beautiful in red. (We're big fans of Spanky's over here, too!)