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Saturday, October 16, 2010

When worlds collide...

I'm a scrapbooker. I've already scrapped a page about this blog, now I am blogging about my scrapbooks. Talk about a close encounter of the hobby kind...

So, here are some of my scrapbook pages. They aren't in any particular order, and they're the ones I think are blog-worthy. (I'm not going to put the ones I don't really like on here.)

This one was done for my hot-cocoa lovin' kiddo in 2005.

This one was done the weekend we got the dog. The lay-out was patterned after Susan Goetter's design on her blog.

The dog at the vet. (Every event must be scrapped...)

An artsy shot of the dog with the words of the dog-food commercial about shelter dogs. I got this idea from another scrapper on

You can see more of my pages on (My name on that site is "quilt", which I used because I couldn't think of anything else at the time.)

I find scrapping and card-making to be such relaxing hobbies. I love the planning, the cutting and pasting, the patterns on the papers, all the stickers, and of course, the finished results. I have recently played around with digital scrapbook layouts and have found that it is almost as fun as the cut-n-paste version. I use a company in Georgia to print my 12" x 12" pages for a whole lot less than FedEx/Kinkos.

It is so nice to have a history of me and Ab in photos. Sometimes, we pick up a scrapbook from years ago and sit down and just relive the past together. It is a bonding time and it shows her that I value her and the time we have spent as a family.

Thanks for looking- why not drop me a line and share some of your hobbies with me!?


  1. Loved your scrapbooking talent displayed at Pastor Schwab's farewell -- very nice work.

    I think my favorite hobby is collecting books. I frequently pop into Goodwill and scan their bookshelves, rarely coming out empty handed. Last week's finds: Clara Barton and Florence Nightingale bios (both for Bethie), Aesop's Fables (for a friend), and one of the Harry Potter books (for Drew). A good week!

  2. Books. They are so wonderful. Sounds like you picked up some good ones! One of my favorite things is to spend the day at Powells. Haven't done it in awhile, but the memories are nice!

  3. Thanks for sharing your love of scrapbooking with us. Looks like it loves you too. Me....I guess I like to doodle on my bathroom walls.:o)

  4. Purple Twirling Kitty? You slay me.