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Saturday, October 2, 2010

See Dick. See Jane. See their house in central Washington.

See the bicycle reflectors on the parking lot side of the house.
See the tourists run around the building. Run tourists, run!
Look at the recycled keys hanging on a post.
See more reflectors reflecting.
Look at the bear in the front yard. The bear is hugging people. No- the bear is hugging people's heads! Hug bear, hug!
See the child interact with art. Interact child, interact!
See the house wave to the tourists.
Look at the entrance to the house. Now it all makes sense.
See the front door.
See the child interact with more art.
Look at the cameraman taking pictures of the tourists.
Not really. Fooled you.
See the tourist purchase a post card. Purchase tourist, purchase!
See the tourists gaze in wonder.
Look at the flowers climbing along the art. Climb flowers, climb!
See the tourists blend into the artwork.
See the tourist become part of the family.
Look at the tourist signing the guestbook. Sign tourist, sign!
See the blue bottles. Someone was thirsty.
See the tourists get crushed by the heavy recycled industrial parts. Ha. Fooled you again.
Look at the tree expressing its right to bare arms.
See the exit.
See the tourist hug Uncle Sam.
See the fish swim over the trash cans. Swim fish, swim!
Look at the garage with all the hub caps.
See the neighbor children greet the tourist. They are going to tell her she can't paint the fence.
See the parking lot side of the building. We are back where we started.
See the geometry? It's EVERYWHERE.
Wave good-bye to the arty house. Bye house, bye!
We will miss you!
See more about Dick and Jane's spot.

Speaking of tourist attractions, there is an establishment in my town that opened its doors the same year I was born. Some folks consider Steakburger/Golf-o-Rama a tourist attraction, others think of it as a local landmark. For a prize, name two other Northwest establishments/tourist attractions/icons that were born, established or opened the very same year. (Hint: think south and north of where I live. You might have to take the freeway.) First person who names them wins!


  1. Testing 1, 2, 3.......

  2. The World's Fair and the Space Needle!--Gail

  3. Hmmmm... the World's Fair is no longer here...
    So. I'd have to say NOPE.

  4. How about the Space Needle and Lloyd's Center!


  5. Lloyd Center Mall? Nope! That was opened in 1960. But- you are in the correct state!

    Why are there 2 "L"s in Lloyd? Isn't one enough? You don't say it any different than words with one "L", you don't linger on the LLLLLL sound more, so what is the deal?

    Ogden Nash would say:
    A one-L lama is a priest
    a two-L llama is a beast
    but I bet a silk pajama
    there isn't a three-L lllama.

    He probably never met Mr. Lloyd of Lloyd Center Mall.

  6. Space Needle and Packy!!!!!!

    Got it--right???

  7. Yes- Packy the elephant was born in 1962.
    Is it kosher if a family member wins?
    I guess since I make the rules, I decide...
    Sure- mom (or was it dad?) wins!

  8. Laugh, reader, laugh.

    What a delightful post!