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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Snow Daze

Did I say we were going to have to make up four days because of snow?  I meant seven.  SEVEN.  I've been teaching 30 years and I've never had to make up seven days in one school year.  Even when I was in high school and we had some snow days, there were never seven.

I guess this makes up for the last three wimpy winters we had. 

Went for a nice walk today to the mall.  Bought boots for kiddo, ate lunch, saw Rogue One.  A nice way to spend a day off, but tomorrow I should probably do some chores.  When I run out of those, I will invent some.

First the night shots- it snowed steadily for around 10 hours:

Then the daytime pics- it snowed on and off for much of the day yesterday:

9 inches and counting.

Today dawned clear and sparkly and cold.  I love the beauty and quiet that a deep snowfall brings.  I think heaven will be like this, only we won't be cold and wet.

Hooray for the UPS driver!
I used to ask kiddo to make a snow angel for me when it snowed.  But teenagers aren't really into that, so I made a mini one.

And here is my attempt to capture the cheeky backyard hummingbird on film- look for it in every pic because it often blends in with the tree:

That's it in the middle- shiny green chest on display.  I think it was posing for me...
 I love days like this where everything slows down- even the hummingbirds.

Stay warm and safe, friends!

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  1. oh! how i love snow and winters! it doesn't snow much in my country and my city is barren of it! i have seen snowfall but these pictures make me very envious of the people who get to experience it! ill look forward to more snowy pictures