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Friday, December 16, 2016

Baby, it's COLD outside!

It was 24 degrees F this morning when I woke up.  That doesn't seem so cold when you live in places that are regularly this temp, like Winnipeg, but to us it's cold.

To start with, we had snow.   This is the second week that we have had snow, and the second time we missed school for two days in a row.  That's four days to make up in June.  FOUR.  And it is only December.  There's more snow predicted for next week. If we keep on this trajectory, we could be in school up to July 4th...

What does a schoolteacher do on a snow day?  Well, thankfully we still had power so I watched a little TV, shopped online, vacuumed the car, put in the new floor mats for the front seats, ran the dishwasher, did some laundry, decorated the house for the season, made Chex mix, and sent a couple of cards out. The second day was more focused on getting the next units ready for my geometry and algebra classes.

Oh, and I also take pictures...
Gunther our Gnome
Beginning of the thaw
Less than an inch, but it creates so many problems for drivers.

The first snowfall was accompanied by lots of wind, so there wasn't much accumulation in spots.  Then it was followed by freezing rain, so it really was hazardous to venture out.  The next snowfall was not as windy and we got more white stuff, but today the sun dared to show its face and started the melt...

I love this stuff.
I'm so glad I downsized to a smaller house that is easier to heat!

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