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Sunday, January 11, 2015

When you're prepared, you're never scared.

"When you're prepared, you're never scared. "

Who said it?  
A boy scout?  
A campfire girl?  

Russell Wilson, the awesome Seattle Seahawks quarterback said it in his most recent press conference after beating the Carolina Panthers. (watch the whole thing or go to the 6:25 mark for the quote.)

Seems to me that it applies to a whole lot more in life than just football.  When you practice and are prepared to drive, you can plan your route, avoid the potential problems, and make it to your destination intact and without fear.  When you do your homework and know the material, the tests shouldn't scare you.  When you get ready for a performance, being on stage should be exciting instead of petrifying.

When you're prepared, you're never scared.  

Could also apply to death.  When you're prepared (you have a right relationship with God in life), you're never scared (because Heaven is a whole lot better than here).

Are you prepared?

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