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Monday, June 23, 2014

Patio before and afters

The before pictures were taken last summer while I was still waiting for B of A to come down out of their lofty towers and approve my humble request to purchase this home for a certain amount of money.

So, we didn't own it yet and we sort of snuck in.  Only my realtor knows (well, and now you), but we won't tell how.

Looking out my bedroom door before...
...and after.
The famous Abster before...
...and after.
The really sad strip of grass before...
...and after.  Still working on getting some seeds to grow there and fill in the bare spots.
The gross "side yard" with the gap under the fence the size of our dog.
How convenient for him.

Side yard after- with some plants and 400 pounds of red lava rock.
No more gaps and no digging either because the lava rock hurts his paws.  Ha.
The metal can holds birdseed and grass seed.
Look at the gap under the gate!  That is where he escaped the first night we lived here!
Now there is a paver walkway under the gate and no way for the dog to squeeze under or dig.  It's so much neater and cleaner than before.  Not sure why they didn't build the houses with walkways under the fences.
Of course, furniture and plants help it look cozy.
The license plates are from every place I lived growing up.

First container is herbs, second is peas and carrots, third is little pumpkins, and the last one is my boxwood, George.
I tell ya, George is thriving here.  I have never seen him healthier or happier.
Won't you be my neighbor?
View from the far corner.

I wasn't sure how I would like living without a traditional backyard.  I love it.  It is big enough for 6 or 7 people to have dinner outside, and small enough to organize and clean and decorate on a budget.  It is perfect.  Happy happy!