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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Short sale is really a LOOOONNNNNGGGG sale

I know "short" means that the owner will get shorted on any sort of profit they might get out of their house, but it is tempting to think of a short sale as a sale that won't take too long.

It actually takes longer to buy a short sale house than a regular house.

Lots and lots and lots of people are involved.  There's more paperwork than you can shake a forest at.
Banks in Texas must be consulted.  Letters must written to convince banks to take offers.

I just passed yet another hurdle on the way to townhome ownership- the signature of the previous owner.  She accepted my offer and has even written to the bank in Texas to ask them to please accept my offer because it might be the only one they will get.  After all, the house has been on the market since last June 6.

So, I might hear back from Texas tomorrow.  Or, Monday.  I hope it is tomorrow.  Makes the weekends go easier.

Here's another hurdle you might enjoy:

This was a practice run.  I wasn't able to get onto the track for pics during the race, so I asked her to show me and she obliged.   She's cool like that.

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