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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Door # 3 is a winner!

The first offer I got was from a nice lady with two kids.  It was for $15, 000 under the asking price and she needed me to pay 3.5% closing costs and wanted to close in 4 weeks.  Too little, too much, too soon.

The second offer was from a young couple with a baby.  It was $10,000 under the asking price and they needed 3% closing costs and wanted to close in 5 weeks.  Better, but still too little for the house, too much for closing, and too soon to get out of here.

Enter offer #3...
$1,100 OVER asking price, no closing costs needed, and closing in 6 weeks.  BINGO!  I told you God's blessings sometimes make me dizzy.  How overwhelming is this?  Wow.  And the really great thing is that it's a family that will fit nicely into the neighborhood.  The dad is a Navy veteran and there are other Navy vets just up the street.

I sign papers tomorrow.  Now all that needs to happen is that the bank accepts my offer on the townhome I want.  If they do, it means I will save approx. $300 a month on mortgage and probably about $30 to $50 a month on utilities.  With that, I can save more for kiddo's college, sponsor another school-kid in Haiti, and maybe sock some away for a downpayment on a vehicle with better gas mileage.

Thanks for all your prayers and well-wishes, it has been an interesting roller coaster ride!


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    1. I know! AND... the offer came just a few days before I was planning to drop the price! I'm glad God has the timing all down. I would prolly botch it!

  2. Oh my goodness! Yes, God is good!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!! Great big congratulations!!!!!!!