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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day One, 5k run

I walk pretty fast, but I am not a runner.  So when my daughter's PE teacher invited a bunch of kids and their families to do the 5k on New Year's Day, I signed her up but I stayed by the car and took pictures.

When I signed her up, I had no idea it would be about 28 degrees F.

She was a trooper, though.  Wore layers and did the run (with some walking) under 45 min.  Not terrible for her first time.  The worst part was breathing the cold air.  We'll fix that next time with a Buff.


  1. YAY Abby!!!!! That is quite a wonderful accomplishment, and to run it in 28 degrees, that's just awesome! . . . and I see you are posting photos. YAY again!!!!! I love them all! Happy new Year, my friend!

  2. What a neat experience for Abby!

  3. ha! I saw 28 and thought, but that's warm!? then I saw the photos and went back and saw 28 "F" and looked it up and saw it's -2C ... um rather cold after all.
    The kids and I watched Himself so a Jan 1st North Sea dip for charity a few years back and it was -9C ... in the end we were colder than he was because he was moving and we were standing still!
    Good going on the run, well done!!!