The most requested thing for dinner around here? Noodles. With butter.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

THE TRIP- PEI, day 1

 We stayed at Anne's Windy Poplars, a charming cottage resort in Cavendish, PEI.  We arrived in the afternoon which gave the girls time to explore the grounds and play in the pool before dinner.  We had an early dinner and celebrated my folks' 52nd anniversary at Cafe on the Clyde and enjoyed the jam samples from Prince Edward Island Preserve Company.  Then we headed to a touristy area for ice cream at Cows and browsing among the shops.
The pool and office building at Anne's Windy Poplars.

The play area across from our cottage.  The girls were really too big for the equipment, but it looks like they didn't need any!
Pool time!
Noodle race.

Parking lot at Cafe on the Clyde.  It was crowded.
Our happy group!
Potato pie.  It is THE BEST!!!!  I can't even begin to explain how wonderful this tasted.  
 In their words: Layers of fresh Prince Edward Island potatoes, Island cheddar cheese and chives baked in a bacon crust, complimented with Maple Bacon Cream. OH. MY. GOURMET-NESS.
Happy Anniversary to my parents!  Or, as my nieces said, "Happy Anne-iversary!"
The cafe staff brought cupcakes for the celebration.
At Cows for dessert.
You really have to try this ice cream.  PEI is known for their potatoes, Anne of Green Gables,
and their dairy farms.  I think this stuff is better than Ben & Jerry's.
Of course, everyone had ice cream except my kid.  She bought gummy worms.  So very PEI-ish of her...

Fooling around in one of the shops.  Always a photo op with 4 funny girls around.  
What a treat is was to be at our "premiere destination" of the trip!  All the long driving days were mostly behind us and we could relax and sleep in the same bed for a few nights in a row.  Ahhh...
The next day, we headed to all the "Anne" things we could find!


  1. Hooray for Anne! And to stay at the Windy Poplars? How romantic! I heard they're making a new mini-series next summer . . . .

  2. A new mini-series? Wow. I hope it mets the expectations of all the Anne fans out there!