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Thursday, January 6, 2011

So, I checked Ebay, and...

I don't shop Ebay a lot. The whole auction thing just gets my competitive juices flowing and if I am not careful I get the privilege of purchasing something I probably don't want or need at a price I REALLY don't need and then there's regret.

But every now and then, Ebay has just what I am looking for- at the right price.

Take Manger Sets, for example. I grew up with a certain Manger Set on display in our home every year at Christmas. It was cardboard, so it came apart for storage and Mom and Dad often let me set it up- complete with wisps of straw and colored C-9 lights in the correct places. Not fancy, expensive, or even unique, but it held good memories for me.

A few years after getting my daughter, I thought it would be nice to have that Manger Set for her to enjoy. I should have shared that desire much earlier with the powers that be, because about a month before I requested it, it was given to the church rummage sale by one of my parental units (I'm not telling who gave it away... she knows who she is.)

I went to the church rummage sale but could not find the set. Someone from my town or even from my church bought it and is now enjoying my childhood Christmas. It might even be someone I know, but no one is telling...

Enter Ebay. I searched "Cardboard Manger Set" and got a few that looked like the old familiar one. So, I bid on the cheapest one whose auction ended the soonest. Then, I waited.

As it got closer to the end of the auction, I got outbid. I was disappointed because I wasn't planning on paying too much for this whim of mine and I knew I couldn't play the game any longer for that particular set. I searched a few more options and found one that cost me about $14- that included shipping as well. I bought it, and looked forward to the delivery.

A few days after I bought it, the other one was sold to the highest bidder at OVER $40!!!

For cardboard!!!

I'm so glad I waited. Not only was my price better, but I purchased it from a store (in Ohio) that supports missionaries and helps those in need.

It just shows you- good things come to those who wait!

I set it up on my mantle this year- minus the C-9 lights. It's a little worn around the edges, and could use some reinforcements in some places, but it's just like the one we had when I was a kid.

Of course, my kiddo is not terribly impressed.

She prefers the teddy bears dressed as the holy family.

Maybe when she is older...


  1. This made me laugh! Your poor . . . "parent." I can see how Ebay would bring out your competitive nature. I took part in enough Pictionary, "Initials" and dictionary games (what did we call that one?) to know that you like a challenge ;).

  2. It takes one to know one, eh?
    I think we get it from our mothers.

  3. There is something about those Christmas icons that just stick in our hearts/minds, isn't there. I'd just love to have my mom's angels for our home. Never thought about ebay, though!

  4. Yes- those things give a feeling of continuity, I think.
    (And if you can't find your mom's angels- check with my mom. She has some that might interest you!)

  5. I love things like this, and yep, my kids are the exact same way!!!! LOL!
    I think you blog is GREAT!! I am a follower!